Welcome to our Wiki!

This is specially created by me to help us all--ELTAI members-the Executive Committee and the Chapters, in particular-- to be in touch with one another. As you may know, it has more advantages than communication through Email or any Discussion list or Chat .For one thing all the members may not only post their own messages in this website for everyone else to read but also edit the text of any of the pages, if they want.Of course we have provision for discussions also. As I see it, this wiki would help us--office-bearers of ELTAI and the different Chapters--to work together effectively and with speed. For the moment a message is posted in it, it may be read by all the other members. There is no need for any individual communication. The only thing is all of us should periodically-at least once a week-should log on to this site and see if there are any new messages or postings.Please remember anyone may access it and read the text but only members can edit it.

Every Saturday I intend updating, if necessary. the Association page. In a similar manner the Convenor/Secretary of each Chapter also may do his updating. in his chapter's page

I hope this initiative would help us not only to strengthen our bonds-between the Association and the Chapters but also among all of us--Office-bearers of the Association, Chapters and all the ELTAI members.

S. Rajagopalan. .